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Posted on 12 May 2009 by

Boston Herald Journalist Earns the Wrath of Online Gardeners

boston-heraldBy Michael Nolan

When Lauren Beckham Falcone from the Boston Herald wrote her lifestyle piece for the May 5th edition of the newspaper I doubt she anticipated drawing the ire of gardeners everywhere for her negative portrayal of the backyard garden.

She caught the attention of a tight-knit group of Twitter members, myself and Vanessa Richins included, who decided that we needed to inform her of the err of her ways so that we could perhaps curtail some of the damage her ill-conceived story would do to the readers.

“But Mr. Greenjeans wannabes, be warned: With wartime exceptions, Americans are about 100 years past our agricultural heyday.” says Falcone who obviously missed out on the current series on Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 16 April 2009 by

The $25 Victory Garden Challenge

Jump Start Your Garden - Urban GardeningBy Vanessa Richins

It began with a simple message on Twitter from @joegardener:

Interested in seeing me do a daily vid blog of starting organic food garden from seed? Goal 2 feed my fam of 4 on only $25 of supplies! Yes?
10:57 AM Mar 12th from TweetDeck

@joegardener happens to be the Twitter ID of Joe Lamp’l. He is the host of TV garden shows – Fresh From the Garden on DIY Network and GardenSMART on PBS, as well as the author of Over the Fence with joe gardener and The Green Gardener’s

That single post bloomed into the $25 Organic Victory Garden Challenge. He’s committed to showing people that it doesn’t have to be expensive to have an organic garden, even if you don’t have any tools or supplies.

His ideas are creative – he took an empty Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 06 April 2009 by

Twitter for Victory Gardens!


twitter1By Vanessa Richins

As I wrote before, I think Twitter is a great resource for gardeners.

You can connect with fellow plant enthusiasts from around the world in an instant.

I can get instant answers to questions I may have, discover new plants, and just enjoy talking about all things green.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to use Twitter to further the victory garden cause. I spent a day talking it up. However, I didn’t have a concrete plan of what to do beyond that.

A fellow Victory Garden enthusiast and editor of Country Life magazine, Pamela Price from redwhiteandgrew came up with a wonderful idea for us to promote the cause. She started a Twitter group called Twitter4VG.

You can join the group to find others interested in Victory gardening. Their updates will show up on the group’s page.

The best part of her plan was Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 02 January 2009 by

Twitter and the Gardener


By Vanessa Richins

For those of you who haven’t been introduced to it, Twitter is a popular social network service.

Participants write miniblogs of 140 characters or less.

You can choose to “follow” other people’s “tweets” (the name for the postings) and see what they have written, as they post.

What does this have to do with gardening?

Over the past few months I have been able to discover many other gardeners who use Twitter. I’ve been able to read articles people have put on their blogs and websites (I share my own articles and blogs this way). I’ve been able to Read the rest of this entry »


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