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Posted on 01 July 2008 by

How To Get The Most From Your Urban Garden

By Cindy Naas

A small garden can be challenging in terms of the mount of veggies you can reasonably expect to produce.

However, with just a few good choices you can provide your family and even friends with some good fresh produce weekly.

Here is a list of veggies which will give you the most for the smallest amount of space.

1. Cucumbers – that’s right, I listed a vigourous vine as my first choice. My cucumber plants never take up more space on the ground than the size of the plant, because I grow mine up a trellis. By allowing the vines to climb and then tying the vines in places, the cucumbers can be supported and will do really well.

2. Lettuce – you can grow lettuce all Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 27 May 2008 by

Upside Down Tomatoes

By Cindy Naas

Recently, I received an email from a friend asking my opinion on growing tomatoes upside down.

Honestly, I didn’t have an opinion at the time, although I did suggest that the person eat a little something with her pinot noir before emailing me next time. However, after doing some research, I had to apologize to my friend.

Upside down tomato growing is becoming a popular way of adding tomatoes to a small garden.

I discovered that some people feel Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 24 May 2008 by

This Week in Urban Gardens

By Reggie Solomon

  • We know urban garden plots can be small and tight. For those of us who love tomatoes, Vanessa Richins at Tomato Casual, tells us about tomatoes’ top arch enemies in the garden when it comes to companion planting.
  • Bill Stanley at Home Gardening Tips shares cylinder gardening basics for people who have small spaces and who want to garden vertically.
  • Cindy Naas, here at Urban Garden Casual shares tips on how to build a water garden. Rees Cowden at Green Side Up offers additional tips on building a cheap and inexpensive water garden feature.

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