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Posted on 08 May 2009 by urbangardencasual.com

What’s Your Soil Texture?

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soilBy Vanessa Richins

Would you look at someone funny if they asked you about your soil’s texture?

It’s actually one of the most important facts to know about your garden, as it affects what plants you can grow.

Soil texture refers to the size of the individual particles. There are three basic kinds: sand, silt and clay, and are all found in your soil in different degrees.

Sand has the largest particles of the three. It’s great for plants that don’t like to have wet roots, since it drains very well. That also means, though, that water-loving plants may have problems since the water leaves so fast, taking nutrients with it.

Silt is the middle kind of texture. It’s a good Read the rest of this entry »

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