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Gardeners and Scientists Unite

By Mindy McIntosh-Shetter

The other day I was surfing on the Internet and found a wonderful program.

This program was called The Great Sunflower Project.

As I read the project, I thought how simple it was but, on the other hand, how important it was to mankind.

The site stated that every third bite of food was essentially created by a pollinator.

I thought how true and what can we do to protect our nation’s greatest food source. As I continued to read the site, the answer came to me in the blink of an eye and that was getting the public involved.

This is such an important step when it comes to Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted on 26 May 2010 by

Three Annuals to Start from Seed this Spring

sunflowerBy Sonya Welter

Those six packs of flowers at the nursery are tempting for the instant color they provide and the minimal work they require, but filling even a small backyard garden with store-bought transplants can get pretty spendy.

I prefer to start most of my flowers from seed, which gives me access to a lot more varieties and stretches my gardening dollar further.

I don’t have a fancy indoor seed starting station set up yet, but even here in northern Minnesota there are plenty of annuals that can be sown directly into the garden with minimal fussing.

Three of my favorites are sunflowers, zinnias and sweet peas. As an added bonus, if you want to save your own seeds to plant next year, these three plants also produce easily-harvestable seeds that require no special storage beyond a cool, dry location.


I was shocked the first time I saw sunflowers being sold as transplants, because Read the rest of this entry »


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