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Posted on 07 June 2012 by

Life in the Strawberry Patch or My Version of a Strawberry Patch

By Mindy McIntosh-Shetter

Being an urban gardener with only 1/5th of an acre to farm on, land is very valuable.

I try very hard to plan my garden and to grow as much as I can but sometimes you just have to go hummmmm.

This is what I have done for years when it comes to strawberry production.

I have always felt that I did not want to use that much land for strawberries but frankly I am tired of hard, tasteless fruit, so this year I am going to take the plunge. But…..

Like I said, I cannot justify setting aside that much land so I am going to create my own “land” and that is a container garden.

I am going to plant two containers full of strawberries this year but not just strawberries. I plan to plant my very own strawberry salad planters and utilizing the good neighbor technique. Using this technique should be very successful and will provide me with a bigger bang for my container.

The first planter I am going to plant is Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 10 July 2010 by

Strawberry Pots an Old Fashion Tradition

strawberry-pot1By Mindy McIntosh-Shetter

My grandmother always had strawberry pots lined up on her back porch.

They were filled with strawberry plants that produced the most wonderful red fruit.

This fruit filled our cereal in the morning and delighted us with a cool treat after dinner that has never been duplicated.

The treat that I reminisce about was my grandmother’s homemade strawberry ice cream.

Years later after my grandmother’s children and grandchildren moved away she converted her beloved strawberry pots into works of art. She tried growing different types of plants in each strawberry pot. First Read the rest of this entry »


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