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Posted on 04 June 2008 by

Your New Best Friend – The Extension Service

By Vanessa Richins

The Cooperative Extension Service may just become one of the best gardening friends you have ever had.

What is the Extension Service?

In 1862, Congress created the land grant system, which mandated that there would be a university in each state that provided agricultural and mechanical education. A later act created research stations for the universities. The Extension Service was created in 1914 to bring the research results to the general public.

Are you wondering if your soil needs nutrients? You can send off a sample to their lab Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 17 April 2008 by

Container Gardening: What’s In Your Pot?

Plant ContainerBy Cindy Naas

Even city gardeners with no gardens can grow wonderful fresh vegetables and flowers.

The trick is to collect an attractive assortment of pots and other containers. However, preparing your soil for use in pots is even more important to the success of your urban garden when using containers.

For the container gardener, getting the right mix of soil and amendments can be worth more than the elusive pot of gold- but luckily, also easier to find.

Plain Old Dirt?

The first impulse of someone new to container gardening is to spend a lot on an assortment of decorative pots and then go home, dig up some dirt and fill them.

Trust me, it doesn’t work, at least not well. Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 16 April 2008 by

Getting Down And Dirty: Your Soil

SoilBy Cindy Naas

Previously on Urban Garden Casual, there was an excellent post about having your soil tested for contaminants, which is a very good idea.

Assuming that your soil has gotten a clean bill of health, the next step in getting your own urban garden growing is to make sure you have the best soil possible.

Nothing you can do later will be as important to the success of your garden as preparing the soil correctly now.

First, decide whether you will be gardening in the earth or in a collection of pots and other containers. Soil preparation is very different for those two growing conditions. This post will address preparing your own patch of dirt for growing vegetables, and later I’ll tell you how to grow anything in a pot!

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