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Posted on 27 April 2013 by

Got Plants? Learn How to Shop for Your Favorite Vegetable Plants

Photo Credit: Seedling by Jennifer C. used under CC BY 2.0

Photo Credit: Seedling by Jennifer C. used under CC BY 2.0

By Mindy McIntosh-Shetter

Every spring, garden centers are swamped with perspective gardeners.

Some go right for the plants they want while others roam around confused and dazed.

Regardless of which one you may be, there are hints that can aid you in your plant selection.

Following these hints will not only help you become a better gardener but also a frugal one.

I personally like to grow my own plants from seeds but for some people this is not doable. And frankly, I do not have enough room to grow everything I put in my garden space. For those plants that I purchase, I like to go to businesses that grow their own plants. The reason for this is economical and biological.

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Jumpstart Your Garden by Starting Your Seeds Indoors

Jump Start Your Garden - Urban Gardening

By Reggie Solomon

Get a headstart on the growing season can be starting your plants indoors in seed trays.

You can find seed trays at your local home and garden store or online.

How to Pick the Appropriate Seed Tray
Seed trays tend to come in one standard base tray size but with varying-sized cell spaces.

Generally speaking cell size should mirror the size of the seed and the size of the seedling to be transplanted.

The larger the seed, or the larger the seedling to be transplanted, the larger the cell space you’ll need. The smaller the seed, or the smaller the seedling to be planted, the smaller the cell space you’ll need.

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Attend a Local Urban Gardening Workshop

By Reggie Solomon

Attending a local gardening workshop is a great way to prepare for the summer gardening season and get tips from other urban gardeners in your area.

Though it tried its darndest, the 10-inches of fresh snow didn’t stop me and my gardening buddy from attending a gardening workshop hosted by the New Haven Ecology Project [NHEP] at Common Ground High School, a local charter school that sits atop a 20-acre farm. Winter Urban Garden: Reggie Solomon

Surprisingly given the wintry conditions, the workshop drew a solid crowd of 25-30 people. The assortment of urban dwellers in attendance included – young people, older people, renters, homeowners, and a vibrantly-dressed group of Muslim women. You could feel the immense energy everyone was waiting to channel into their gardens resting beneath the snow.

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