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Need Garden Instruction? Rent-a-Farmer!

farmerBy Vanessa Richins

The urban garden movement is growing larger every day, as people find their food budget stretched and long for the taste of fresh foods.

In Ferndale, Michigan, Trevor Johnson runs the Ferndale’s Good Neighbors Garden, a community garden allowing people to rent out plots so they could grow their own fruits, vegetables and herbs.

He didn’t want to just stop there, however.

He knew there were homeowners with land, but no gardening experience.

“To that end, Johnson has started his own business called “Rent-a-Farmer,” which offers clients the chance to use the expertise of real farmers to help them grow fruits and vegetables in their back yards. “This is not about going back to the farm,” said Johnson, who graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in horticulture. ‘It’s about bringing the farm back to us.'”

What services can you get with “Rent-a-Farmer”? It’s all up Read the rest of this entry »


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