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Posted on 25 February 2011 by

My Fairy Tale Urban Fruit Orchard

By Mindy McIntosh-Shetter

I was raised in an area where my family could go out and pick fresh apples, pears, and peaches during the summer.

As my children grew up they too experienced the joy of picking your own fruit from the many trees that their Pappy had in the orchard.

But this year, as my children fly the nest, I plan to reproduce my dad’s orchard in an urban setting or in my case on less than 1/5 of an acre.

The first thing I have done like any gardening project is to plan my garden or in this case my orchard. I decided I was going to use a European style of orchard management that utilized bending and training fruit trees to grow in a small area.

My small area consisted of the land along my privacy fence. At first Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 02 May 2008 by

Setting the Mood: Natural Privacy in your Garden

By Michael Nolan

One of the most annoying things to me about gardening in the city has always been how much attention it draws.

No, I’m not a hermit – I just like having a cup of coffee in my robe first thing in the morning, and I can’t do that with an audience.

It was precisely because of this problem that I came up with a simple solution — temporary, natural privacy!

I was already growing plants that vine anyway (cucumbers, green beans, squash, etc.) and in my area such things as honeysuckle vines are plentiful no matter what you do about them. Because I couldn’t build anything permanent Read the rest of this entry »


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