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Posted on 20 April 2009 by

Gardener’s Supply Offering Free Online Kitchen Garden Planner

all_american_01By Vanessa Richins

Are you starting a garden for the first time and don’t know how to decide where to plant all of your vegetables?

Want to try different scenarios with what you want to grow?

Gardener’s Supply Company is offering an online tool to help you plot out your vegetable garden.

Their tool will help you create a 3 x 6′ planting map.  You can choose from 6 preset designs or input your own selections.

-All American Garden
-Cook’s Choice
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Posted on 13 July 2008 by

Planning Your Urban Garden Carefully

By Vanessa Richins

One of the most important parts of planting a garden is planning ahead.

Your garden will look much better and you will save money and keep yourself from getting frustrated.

Here are a few suggestions you should consider when planning out your garden.

1. Size is everything! One of the most important parts of proper planning is considering the size of your garden in comparison to the size of the plants in it. When you are designing your garden, you should draw up your garden complete with accurate measurements. This will help you pick the proper plants.

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Posted on 16 April 2008 by

Getting Down And Dirty: Your Soil

SoilBy Cindy Naas

Previously on Urban Garden Casual, there was an excellent post about having your soil tested for contaminants, which is a very good idea.

Assuming that your soil has gotten a clean bill of health, the next step in getting your own urban garden growing is to make sure you have the best soil possible.

Nothing you can do later will be as important to the success of your garden as preparing the soil correctly now.

First, decide whether you will be gardening in the earth or in a collection of pots and other containers. Soil preparation is very different for those two growing conditions. This post will address preparing your own patch of dirt for growing vegetables, and later I’ll tell you how to grow anything in a pot!

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Posted on 05 July 2007 by

Choosing What to Grow in Your Urban Garden

By Reggie SolomonChoosing What to Grow in Your Urban Garden

Choosing what to grow in your garden takes on special significance due to most urban gardener’s constraint of space.

When you’re in an urban garden you’re much more likely to be aware of what is growing than you are in larger non-urban gardens.

Choosing what to grow in a small space can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be if you use the tips below.

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Posted on 01 May 2007 by

When Can You Begin Planting Outdoors?

when can you plant? - urbancasual.comBy Reggie Solomon

Just because you can sleep with your window up overnight, doesn’t mean it’s safe to begin planting outdoors.

It’s certainly tempting to scratch the itch of outdoor seeding and transplanting as soon as the first signs of spring emerge, however before doing so, relax — and find the frost free date for your area.

What is a “Frost Free Date?”

The “frost free date” is a date after which the chances of frost are significantly diminished. Early morning and overnight frost can significantly damage or kill young seedlings and delicate plants.

While planting after the frost free date is no guarantee against winter frost, it does make you sleep better night. Particularly in areas such as the northeast where May surprise snowstorms are not uncommon (May 15 is the frost free date for most of the northeast U.S.), planting outdoors after the frost free date is key.

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