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Gardening with Children – Create a Peter Rabbit Garden

By Mindy McIntosh-Shetter

The other day, I was asked to create a garden space based on a children’s book.

I thought and thought about my favorite books as a youth.

Many titles came to mind but none of them really fit into a garden design until . . . A community gardener approached me with a rabbit problem and there it was a classic children’s book Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter.

This design can be created in a traditional manner by tilling and processing the soil or in a container garden.

To create your own Peter Rabbit Garden, you will first need a few plants, sets and/or seeds. You will need onion sets, carrot seeds, lettuce, cabbage plants, radishes, and parsley. Once you have your plant and/or seeds, the next step is to prepare the planting medium. For this project, I am going to describe how to build a Peter Rabbit Garden in a container.

The container will need to be at least six inches deep Read the rest of this entry »


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