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Add a Taste of Europe by Growing Hamburg-Rooted Parsley


By Mindy McIntosh-Shetter

I am always looking for something unique or different to grow every year.

The seed catalogs call me with pictures of vegetables, fruits, and plants in general that have never graced my yard or local environment.

While looking through the catalogs, I am always careful not to grow something that is invasive or that I have heard has a negative impact on the environment.

This year’s unique plant came to me by pure chance. I chose the plant in the most scientific way. I just opened the catalog, closed my eyes and went there it is. To my surprise it was a plant I had heard of from a friend of mine. How lucky Read the rest of this entry »

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Plant Profile: Parsley

parsley1By Sonya Welter

If you think of parsley as flavorless green flakes that come in a little shaker, you’re in for a big surprise when you try fresh parsley.

Fresh parsley has a bright zing that perks up soups, salads and other savory dishes.

A friend of mine makes pesto with parsley instead of basil; I was hesitant at first, but it is divine over warm or cold cooked pasta with fresh diced tomatoes.

Parsley has the added benefits of being really, really easy to grow, and it adapts well to container culture. Parsley doesn’t seem to mind being crowded, and in the past I’ve crammed an entire packet of seeds in a 12 inch diameter pot, because that was all I had room for. But for better yields and stronger plants, you would ideally want to Read the rest of this entry »

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Parsley & Herbs – How to Grow, Harvest and Recipes

By Cindy Naas

Growing pots of herbs is a wonderful way to have a garden even in the tiniest space possible.

For many city gardeners, a few pots on a window sill or balcony uses all the room they have available.

For the space they take up, herbs are probably the biggest bang for your small gardening buck. Knowing how each kind of herb grows and what to do once you’ve grown them will make your herb garden a joy all summer long.

Where to grow – Parsley needs Read the rest of this entry »


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