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Urban Gardening in November

fall-gardenBy Vanessa Richins

When I was growing up in Southern California, November wasn’t really so different from the other months.

You could still plant some vegetables, and flowers were still popping up everywhere.

Utah certainly was a shock in that respect.

After watching all of the leaves fall off the trees, I was left with a snowy white canvas for a yard.

In November, many gardeners are tying up the loose ends of the gardening season and getting it prepared for next year.

One of the main tasks waiting in the November garden is raking leaves. One way that we make it easier is to use a large tarp. We raked the leaves onto the tarp, which was easy enough to drag around the yard. When we finished, we could just drag it back to the backyard. You could use these leaves in your compost or mulch.

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