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The Gardner’s Bucket List

garden-bucket-listBy Mindy McIntosh-Shetter

My career and pastime has always been gardening.

I never really wrote anything down when I was a young gardener my successes and failures drifted off with memory.

But when I had children I realized how important a garden journal really was in my busy life.

My journal has become a family history along with a record of my garden successes and failures. Family stories are wrapped up in the pages of garden diagrams, preserved seeds, photos, plant histories, and my own gardener’s bucket list plus much more. My garden journal has become a testament to how my plants and I have grown together along with how growing a garden is much like raising children.

One of my favorite stories in my journal is how red and green balls became a teaching moment for my daughter and I that I revisit each spring. When my daughter was 4 years old she decided that she would help mommy in the garden. She went and got her pink Easter basket and stepped over the little white fence Read the rest of this entry »


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