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“Garden” Goodnight

fall-garden1By Mindy McIntosh-Shetter

As the days shorten and temperatures cool garden maintenance becomes a crucial chore that needs to be done.

But do not think that if you did not garden in the beautiful dark earth that you can sit on your laurels until next season.

There are still plenty of things that need to be done before the cold winter wind blows.

The first thing to remember is that this closing down the “garden” will be spread out according to what you planted and how you planted it. If you planted cold crops in the ground just cover when cold weather shows up and uncover when the sun comes up or place in a cold frame. If you planted cold crops in planters simply cover for a frost or if the container can be moved just bring indoors. But remember to uncover and/or take back outside in the morning.

If cold crops were not planted getting ready for winter is easy. First gleam all the remaining produce off plants. Many vegetables can be ripened off the plant Read the rest of this entry »

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