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Gardening With Kids

biggest-tomatoBy Mindy McIntosh-Shetter

My children always add their own “garden.”

When they were very young they always planted in beautiful containers they decorated and took great pride in choosing the flowers and herbs that would showcase their creation.

Then when they got older they always had a little plot of land of their own and when I mean little keep in mind that I “farm” on 1/5 of an acre.

The “farming gene” was one that I wanted to nurture and sought to make sure my children knew where their food came from and how much work it took just to get that cherry tomato or that apple that was in their lunch. When I became an Agriculture Education teacher I realize even more how knowing where our food comes from, how its grown, and the work involved in its production is a lost life skill.

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UGC Reader Question: Growing Vegetables in Polluted Areas

By Vanessa Richins

Vivian Campbell is wondering “about the safety of vegetables grown on a terrace in a polluted city like Cairo, which is where I live. Any help available? Thanks.”

Hello from the other side of the world!

As the world becomes more industrialized and the air, soil and water more polluted, it is indeed a concern to gardeners everywhere.

One plan that I would suggest is, if possible, bring the plants inside. You can surround them with plants that work to purify the air. Some plants that are especially efficient at removing air pollution include (as tested by NASA) :

  • Bamboo palm, Chamaedorea seifritzii
  • Chinese evergreen, Aglaonema modestum
  • English ivy
  • Fiscus, Benjamina
  • Gerbera daisy, Transvaal daisy
  • Dracaena ‘Janet Craig’
  • Dracaena ‘Marginata’ Read the rest of this entry »
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Urban Garden Casual Springs Back!’re back!

Urban Garden Casual springs back with new writers to help you garden in the city. Get ready to enjoy a new season filled with tips to help your urban garden succeed.

We’re here to answer any gardening questions you may have, so don’t hesitate to drop us a line.


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