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Posted on 12 May 2009 by

Boston Herald Journalist Earns the Wrath of Online Gardeners

boston-heraldBy Michael Nolan

When Lauren Beckham Falcone from the Boston Herald wrote her lifestyle piece for the May 5th edition of the newspaper I doubt she anticipated drawing the ire of gardeners everywhere for her negative portrayal of the backyard garden.

She caught the attention of a tight-knit group of Twitter members, myself and Vanessa Richins included, who decided that we needed to inform her of the err of her ways so that we could perhaps curtail some of the damage her ill-conceived story would do to the readers.

“But Mr. Greenjeans wannabes, be warned: With wartime exceptions, Americans are about 100 years past our agricultural heyday.” says Falcone who obviously missed out on the current series on Read the rest of this entry »


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