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Spring Tonic for the Gardener’s Elbow & Soilless Mix

soilless-mixBy Mindy McIntosh-Shetter

This time of year my mind starts wondering around the planting table and my garden elbow begins to ache with an uncontrollable desire to start planting my seeds.

I have dealt with this ailment for many years not only in my professional life but also in personal life.

The only cure for this “gardener’s disease” is to get one’s hands into soil immediately.

But in the calendar on the wall says it’s too soon so what to do.

The solution that gives me some relief from my gardening elbow and planting itch is to start making the soil I plan to use for to start my seeds in. This soil is easy to make and provides the most delicate seeds with a good growing medium to take their first breath on and lay down their first roots.

This soil medium is considered a soilless mix and requires the ingredients below. It keeps well in a sealed container until needed.

Soilless Mix for Seeds

  • 2 bushels horticultural perlite vermiculite, calcined clay or humus
  • 2 bushels of coarse sphagnum peat moss or shredded pine bark Read the rest of this entry »
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