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FREE Gardening Classes Online

gardening-classBy Vanessa Richins

If I could afford it, I would just go to school for the rest of my life.

Well…I’m not so keen on tests and grades, but I enjoy learning new facts and exploring.

Did you know there are free classes you can take online that can help you become a better gardener?

Many universities are now allowing the general public access to some of their courses for free via the Internet. Here are some examples:

Biology 1 and Biology 2

UMass Boston offers these general biology classes at a college level. It’s a good way to better understand how the biological world around us functions.

Agricultural Science & Policy 1 and Agricultural Science & Policy 2

Tufts will help you learn about resource conservation and aspects of plant care such as nutrients, breeding, pests and production. There are outlines of the lectures, along with suggested readings, exams and quizzes. Image galleries are included for some crop pests.

Plant Diseases and Chemicals

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Posted on 22 April 2008 by

Get FREE Gardening Supplies!

Garden SuppliesBy Vanessa Richins

Are you interested in a way to possibly get some or all of your gardening supplies free? Check out Freecycle and Craigslist!

Freecycle is an international non-profit organization dedicated to keeping items out of the landfills and building communities at the same time. Local chapters are run through Yahoo Groups.

You can find your local chapter at Members are able to post up items they don’t need anymore. You are also able to request items you are looking for – however, please do be polite and offer some items up in return, if possible.

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