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Posted on 21 January 2012 by urbangardencasual.com

Gardener’s Garden Bootcamp


By Mindy McIntosh-Shetter

Growing up on a farm, I have always been physically active.

As a matter of fact, I mowed my family’s farm with not a tractor or riding lawn mower but a push mower.

I tell my father that it built character and a strong work ethic on my little 5-foot frame.

As I got older and took jobs outside of the farm, these traits benefited me in many ways.

An example of this is when I was a lifeguard. Many may feel that tanning in the sun all summer long is glamorous but I can tell you from first hand that it can be a challenge. The muscles that I developed through hard physical labor protected me more than a bodyguard.

As I got older and left home, my physical activity decreased and Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 28 January 2009 by urbangardencasual.com

Grow a Garden, Gain Health

harvesting-radishes-in-the-gardenBy Vanessa Richins

As we begin another new year, many resolutions are being made.

A main goal for many is to improve their health and lose weight.

As you may have suspected, gardening is an excellent method of exercise with many other health benefits.

Gardening is good for the body. Exercises like jogging and aerobics can sometimes be too stressful for a person’s joints.

A study discussed by the Virginia Cooperative Extension shows that gardening is also a challenging workout, but carries less stress than many exercise activities. For example, raking leaves and planting seeds uses the same effort as bicycling (less than 10 mph). Light shoveling is the equivalent of Read the rest of this entry »


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