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Seeds of Hope for Earth Day

earth-day-2009-sacramentoBy Mindy McIntosh-Shetter

The first day of spring provided me with the perfect weather for one of my favorite eco-friendly activities.

After a long, cold winter I like any excuse to celebrate Mother Earth and encourage others to do the same.

So on the first warm day I get all my supplies together to start my celebration that I spread across the country.

One may ask what such a project could be and I would surprise you with one simple answer that is a plantable letters or cards.

These letters or cards are made from all the junk/scrape paper that I have kept over the winter and seeds that I have saved from my garden or purchased from a local discount store. These handmade letters or cards are mailed to my friends across the country with updates about my life and reminding them to celebrate April 22 (Earth Day) by planting their letters or cards.

Planting these letters or cards can spread seeds of hope and truly can prove that 1 person can make a difference in this world even if it is one plantable letter or card at a time. So with the directions below spread your own seeds of hope.

Handmade Paper


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