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Posted on 14 May 2010 by urbangardencasual.com

How to Grow Mint & Make Mint Julep

mintBy Mindy McIntosh-Shetter

Mint is a very invasive plant that needs some form of restraint.

What makes it invasive is what also makes it easy to grow.

Mint can be started by seeds, cuttings, simply bending a branch to the ground and rooting, or by roots.

That is why restraining this herb is so important. Restraining can take the form of growing in a container or using landscape edging to surround the plant. But regardless of what type of control you choose one must always contain this herb.

Mint is a very good herb to start out with as a beginner gardener. It grows in all soil types, weather, and moisture level while it does prefer it on the dry side but will grow in moist conditions.

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