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Posted on 01 March 2011 by

DIY Containers: How to Pick Them

By Mindy McIntosh-Shetter

Container gardening is the apartment dweller’s savor when it comes to gardening.

It can take many forms from terracotta pots, horse troughs, and even the simple food grade can.

But what are the requirements that a container must have before it can be used as a planter.

First a container must have some form of drainage or a way of creating drainage. Drainage can come in many forms from holes in the bottom of the container to drainage material. But if a hole is or can be drilled through the container figure on one hole per gallon of soil the container will hold.

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Posted on 21 February 2011 by

DIY Upside Down Planters With Style

By Mindy McIntosh-Shetter

Upside down planters have been around for years but some ingenious individuals are using what they already have instead of falling for horticulture consumerism.

Everyone has something sitting around that can be converted into an upside down planter.

Hanging baskets, food-grade plastic buckets, bottles, and even planters can find a new life as upside down planters.

But what is the gardener supposed to do if they want an upside down planter that is both stylish and functional at the same time. The answer to this gardening faux pas is the lonely steel can.

Steel cans that have had their first life as food storage containers work perfect. They come in assorted sizes that range from short and fat to slender and thin and everything in between. But what makes these DIY upside down a planter different is that they are covered in a stylish finish.

Directions for this Stylish Upside Down Planter



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