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Posted on 17 September 2009 by

Becoming Reacquainted

urbagn-garden-cindyBy Cindy Naas

These past few months I have been MIA from Urban Garden Casual, but I have been busier than ever before.

I moved across country to a new city, a new home and most important, a new gardening zone.

My gardens were well established in my old home, and it was a bit wrenching to leave the.

Going from a zone 7 to a zone 4 has been a real shock to my system, and I am having to relearn many things.

My new home had no landscaping at all. However, with 3/4 of an acre, I now have enough room for my vegetables. At least for now- I’ve warned my fiance that no matter how much land one owns, a gardener never remains satisfied. He now winces when I say things like this.

Anyway, I have spent most of this summer trying to build gardens. This has involved bringing in load after load of topsoil and manure, scrounging free things from Craigslist and buying materials to build Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 19 September 2008 by

Host a Seed Exchange Party!

By Vanessa Richins

As the gardening season slowly draws to a close, there are still many opportunities for urban gardening fun.

One of these could be a Seed Exchange Party!

Perhaps you had a bumper crop of your favorite heirloom bean. Sue, who also lives in your town, may have extra tomato seeds. Joe has squash seeds.

If everyone brought their seeds to a party, everyone could end up with three different kinds of seeds for next year instead of just one.

First, you would need to save some seeds. Methods differ for every plant, but for most, let the fruit sit on the stem until it is fully mature or dried out. You should be able to remove the seeds and save them for future use. Be sure to Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 22 April 2008 by

Get FREE Gardening Supplies!

Garden SuppliesBy Vanessa Richins

Are you interested in a way to possibly get some or all of your gardening supplies free? Check out Freecycle and Craigslist!

Freecycle is an international non-profit organization dedicated to keeping items out of the landfills and building communities at the same time. Local chapters are run through Yahoo Groups.

You can find your local chapter at Members are able to post up items they don’t need anymore. You are also able to request items you are looking for – however, please do be polite and offer some items up in return, if possible.

I run my local Freecycle Read the rest of this entry »


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