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The Laziest Way to Garden-Potting Soil Bag Planter

Photo Credit: Using bags of soil to grown a salad garden by American College of Health Care Sciences

Photo Credit: Using bags of soil to grown a salad garden by American College of Health Care Sciences

By Mindy McIntosh-Shetter

Many years ago, there was a rash of plantings that were occurring in potting soil bags.

This was a great approach for those urban gardeners who had no land or could not plant a garden on their property.

But as ours lives have gotten busier, the potting soil bag garden is coming back into vogue.

Why would one plant a garden in a bag of potting soil? Well the answer is simple and that is the convenience. There is no mixing; no laying down drainage material, no cleaning containers, and the end of the season cleanup is easy. Just dump the soil in the compost bin or throw it away.

While there are pros, there are also cons to this planting approach. First, there could be a health issue with the toxins in the plastic. As the plastic heats up, the chemicals can contaminate the soil and in doing so will contaminate anything you harvest out of that garden.

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DIY Containers: How to Pick Them

By Mindy McIntosh-Shetter

Container gardening is the apartment dweller’s savor when it comes to gardening.

It can take many forms from terracotta pots, horse troughs, and even the simple food grade can.

But what are the requirements that a container must have before it can be used as a planter.

First a container must have some form of drainage or a way of creating drainage. Drainage can come in many forms from holes in the bottom of the container to drainage material. But if a hole is or can be drilled through the container figure on one hole per gallon of soil the container will hold.

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Building Your Own Containers

garden-containerBy Vanessa Richins

Richard writes:

“I’m looking for plans for building my own containers-square or rectangular wood primarly. Do you have any suggestions?”

One aspect of the Internet that I love is the vast wealth of knowledge available.

Here are just some of the directions I was able to find on wood and other materials.

Wooden Planter Box

This website has a good description of the strengths and weaknesses of wood planters:

“Wood is an excellent material for container gardens because it lets the plant roots breathe and it is relatively light weight. You can also make your own containers to whatever size you like. The wood will deteriorate after several years, however, Read the rest of this entry »

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UGC Reader Question: Can You Grow Sweet Potatoes in a Container?

By Vanessa Richins

Many vegetables are suitable for planting in a container, and sweet potatoes are no exception!

These relatives of the Morning Glory plant are very easy to grow this way.

First, you should get your sweet potato sprouting. If you can, try to find locally or organic grown sweet potatoes, as the ones you find in regular grocery stores are often chemically treated to keep them from sprouting. All you need to do is place the root end (the smaller one) in a jar of water and wait.

They like it hot, so keep it somewhere that is Read the rest of this entry »

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Parsley & Herbs – How to Grow, Harvest and Recipes

By Cindy Naas

Growing pots of herbs is a wonderful way to have a garden even in the tiniest space possible.

For many city gardeners, a few pots on a window sill or balcony uses all the room they have available.

For the space they take up, herbs are probably the biggest bang for your small gardening buck. Knowing how each kind of herb grows and what to do once you’ve grown them will make your herb garden a joy all summer long.

Where to grow – Parsley needs Read the rest of this entry »


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