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Growing Your Own Fertilizer

comfrey2By Mindy McIntosh-Shetter

As I was searching the Internet I found a response on a website that dealt with agriculture that sadden me.

A boy from Africa had a question on fertilizer.

He was doing a project in school and reached out to the global community for the answer or at least for some direction or hop.

Throughout his response he mentioned how the government was pushing for the farmers in Africa to use more and more synthetic fertilizer to compensate for reduced yields. He reached out to the global community with a simple question that still rings in my ear.

This question was simple and brief. “How long does it take for our soil to recover when soil fertility is gone?”

Soil fertility much like the Gulf after this disaster is hard to bring back to its original state. We as a society have lived through the Exxon spill, the dust bowl, and the black blizzard but as human history goes we have not learned a thing. But you as a gardener can start today by growing your own fertilizer.

Starting Comfrey

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