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Posted on 20 April 2008 by

Oh So Pretty: Creative and Colorful Combinations for Container Gardens

Swiss ChardBy Cindy Naas

Containers are the perfect option for city gardeners since they take up so little room.

Growing vegetables is a good enough reason to container garden, but if you want to make your garden do double duty, here are some ways to make your city garden look as great as the veggies will taste.

These plants and combinations will add a colorful splash to your garden:

1. ‘Bright Lights’ swiss chard – this is a beautiful plant. The stalks of chard come in orange, red, pink, cream and lavender and make a wonderful backdrop for pots of pansies. One of my favorite containers always has ‘Bright Lights’, some purple icicle pansies and some trailing green ivy. By the time we’ve eaten all the chard, it’s time to swap out the pansies for some hot weather flowers.

2. Tomatoes and marigolds – the marigold is a great Read the rest of this entry »


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