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Support Your Gardening Bug: Plan a Fall Garden

kale3By Mindy McIntosh-Shetter

Summer is here and fall will be knocking on the screen door before we know it.

Planting fall crops has always been a favorite of mine since many of the fall crops can also be planted in early spring.

So these cold crops or cool season vegetables sort of sandwich the summer crops between them like a great sandwich.

But depending on what planting zone you live in will depend on what you can plant. So explore the cold crops or cool season vegetables that grow in your area.

Below are some of my favorites cold crops or cool season vegetables and tricks on growing them.


Sugar Snap or hulling peas are great in early spring and fall. Just remember these plants will need a trellis to grow upon. Also make sure you mark which is which because nothing ruins a stir-fry like using hulling peas instead of edible pea pods.

Brussel Sprouts

These little cabbages are a Read the rest of this entry »

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