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Impress Your Loved One: Grow Your Own Chocolate

By Mindy McIntosh-Shetter

Around Valentine’s Day the worry of what to give that special person is throbbing in ones head.

A nice dinner is always a great start to that special day dedicated to couples.

Commercials show giving diamonds as a way of expressing ones love but I have another way that may take time but shows true commitment, love, and can address those cravings that we all have had some time in our lives.

One may ask what could that be. Well the answer can be found in the candy aisle and it is . . . chocolate.

Growing your own hyper-local chocolate is one way of showing how much you care for an individual.

Chocolate mint is one plant that any individual can grow that smells and tastes like the name states, chocolate mint. But growing the true chocolate or cocoa plant is a unique way of telling that special someone that you care.

The cocoa plant is a challenge to grow for even Read the rest of this entry »


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