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Posted on 30 April 2008 by

Growing Potatoes In A Small Garden

By Cindy Naas

Many city gardeners don’t consider growing potatoes, since space is usually limited.

For a long time, I always thought that potatoes would remain one of those vegetables I would buy so as not to take up all the room in my garden with something so mundane as a potato.

After all, potatoes don’t have the glamour of fresh juicy tomatoes or the drama of dark purple Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 17 March 2007 by

Attend a Local Urban Gardening Workshop

By Reggie Solomon

Attending a local gardening workshop is a great way to prepare for the summer gardening season and get tips from other urban gardeners in your area.

Though it tried its darndest, the 10-inches of fresh snow didn’t stop me and my gardening buddy from attending a gardening workshop hosted by the New Haven Ecology Project [NHEP] at Common Ground High School, a local charter school that sits atop a 20-acre farm. Winter Urban Garden: Reggie Solomon

Surprisingly given the wintry conditions, the workshop drew a solid crowd of 25-30 people. The assortment of urban dwellers in attendance included – young people, older people, renters, homeowners, and a vibrantly-dressed group of Muslim women. You could feel the immense energy everyone was waiting to channel into their gardens resting beneath the snow.

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