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Posted on 23 June 2011 by

Greening Up The Food Desert

By Mindy McIntosh-Shetter

It is amazing how much can get done when one has a vision.

One vision I have had for years is for every community to have gardens.

No, I am not talking about those showy, non-native flowering gardens that every community has down their main street but instead gardens that tell the story of their individual roots.

These individual roots grow out from the concepts and ideas that each community has been built upon.

My community has seen Jonathan Jennings, Lewis and Clark and many other famous people that came before me and established the framework that we all can add to but choose not to.

We all wait until that right person steps up and does it. If it works, it was a great idea but if it does not then no one claims it. But being a person who takes pride in “thinking outside the box” and having no problem “sticking my neck out,” I decided to start a community garden. Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 05 October 2009 by

Update: The $25 Victory Garden

victory-gardenBy Vanessa Richins

Earlier this year I wrote about how Joe Lamp’l, author and star of Tv gardening shows, started up a project where he vowed to create an organic victory garden for $25 or less.

As the main gardening season draws to a close, I thought I would give an update on how the project has gone.

He made greenhouses using empty plastic bakery cake boxes. Inspired by his example, I noticed that the 2 pound strawberry boxes I was buying at the grocery store would be perfect to use as urban garden-sized greenhouses.

Four or five wait patiently in my pantry now. I’ll be planting some pea seeds in there soon as I prepare to plant up my Earthbox.

Many people Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 29 August 2009 by

Four Flylady Lessons for Weeding Your Garden

flyladyBy Vanessa Richins

I’ve always been quite a bit disorganized in life.

I am a very visual person and have to see things in front of me, or I can forget all about them.

I am absentminded and start projects, only to get distracted by something new.

I’ve known about a website called Flylady for a while now. It’s a system developed to help you keep your house and life in order. I recently decided to start really working this into my life so I can be better organized.

I realized tonight that there are some things taught in Flylady that can help gardeners too when they’re battling weeds.

One of the first things she has you do is make sure you wear your shoes every day. It sounded silly to me; I’ve always been fond of going barefoot. She points out, though, that you care more and feel better when you get fully dressed for the day, even if it’s just around the house. Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 26 June 2009 by

FREE Gardening Classes Online

gardening-classBy Vanessa Richins

If I could afford it, I would just go to school for the rest of my life.

Well…I’m not so keen on tests and grades, but I enjoy learning new facts and exploring.

Did you know there are free classes you can take online that can help you become a better gardener?

Many universities are now allowing the general public access to some of their courses for free via the Internet. Here are some examples:

Biology 1 and Biology 2

UMass Boston offers these general biology classes at a college level. It’s a good way to better understand how the biological world around us functions.

Agricultural Science & Policy 1 and Agricultural Science & Policy 2

Tufts will help you learn about resource conservation and aspects of plant care such as nutrients, breeding, pests and production. There are outlines of the lectures, along with suggested readings, exams and quizzes. Image galleries are included for some crop pests.

Plant Diseases and Chemicals

USU has Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted on 14 June 2009 by

“Why I’m a Victory Grower” – Kids Video Contest


televisionBy Vanessa Richins

“Why I’m a Victory Grower” – Kids Video Contest

As part of Food Independence Day (July 4th – created by Roger Doiron of Kitchen Gardeners International and White House Victory Garden fame), a video contest for kids entitled “Why I’m a Victory Grower” is being held.

Once the child is signed up with TEL-A-VISION, they will receive a free one year membership to the Seed Savers Exchange, along with a packet of seeds.

The TEL-A-VISION site will provide them with the tools that they need to make their victory garden video.

As the site advises, the child should, Read the rest of this entry »


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