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About Urban Garden Casual

Urban Garden on Fire EscapeJust because you live in a city doesn’t mean you can’t garden!

Urban Garden Casual helps city dwellers reclaim the pleasures of non-city living within the confines of urban space by bridging traditional gardening with the special needs of urban and small-space gardeners in the modern world.

Urban gardens come in many shapes and sizes. Some urban gardens are as small as a window box or container full of herbs sitting on a fire escape stairwell. Some are as large as the backyard gardens often found in suburban and rural areas. Urban Gardener Relaxing

Working around the constraints of limited-space, light, and microclimates created from the shadows of neighboring buildings can be fun to figure out. After, all, urban gardening is gardening against the odds — and who doesn’t enjoy a challenge! We’re urban dwellers after all.

So, shed your work clothes, pick up your iPod, and join us on a journey through the world of gardening done urban and gardening done casual.

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