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Got a Date? Try Weed-Dating!

Photo Credit: Bad Weeds by Firas Wehbe used under CC BY-SA 2.0

By Mindy McIntosh-Shetter

I have been in some unique situations in my life but one of the most unique ones recently appeared on my doorstep.

On this bright and sunny day, my doorbell rang and low and behold it was my neighbor down the street.

He was looking for something to do with his girlfriend.

I suggested a movie, dinner, swimming, hiking and many other things that I thought they both would enjoy.

Nothing I suggested seemed to be unique enough for this date and I wondered why this date was soooooo special. After a little prodding I got to the truth. He wanted a special date that would mark a special time in their life. As you can guess, he wanted to ask the big question.

I threw out some additional ideas but nothing seemed to hit the mark. Time was ticking away at this point and I said excuse me but I was going to have to leave. My friend’s puzzled look was priceless but I informed him that it was a Tuesday and that meant the community garden. As soon as I said that, his face lit up and he said that is it. I said what is it and the answer was simple, the community garden.

As I was going to the garden, I asked him why he would want to have that special date at the community garden and he said why not. It was the prefect place and provided the quiet and solitude that he wanted for this special moment.

So I planned to open the garden, just for them, so that they could have their special moment but when I suggested a couple of dates I was shocked with the answer. My friend said why. In response I said, why? Really, why? Oh I was sooo frustrated and then he enlightened me on the reason for this special date. It was to ask his girl if she would like to garden together next year.

Oh, the twist and turns of the male species. This, to me, is proof that men and women think different.

Well, after my shock, I learned that “weed-dating” is the newest thing and my friend is just looking for a new form of “like-minded entertainment.”

Today, “weed-dating” is popping up at community gardens everywhere. Some of these gardens even have signup sheets for “blind weed-dating.” The theory behind this is that likeminded people can be found doing likeminded activities. This ends up being an “on the farm dating service” of sorts and allows people to meet while doing what can be considered a mundane task.

Who knows, you may discover your true love while removing chickweed and dandelions from a garden space.

So until we blog again, may love be found among the Brussel sprouts, broccoli crowns and bounties of love apples that abound.

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