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Gardening for the Forgetful

Photo Credit: Fertilizer Spike courtesy of Winchester Gardens

By Mindy McIntosh-Shetter

As my life gets pulled into hundred different directions, I find myself forgetting to do certain things.

This includes forgetting what I entered a room for, forgetting names, and forgetting the date.

While some may view it as old age, I, with my science background, know it is not but instead too many things going on in my head.

My little brain can only process so much and as much as I would like to remember everything, something has to give.

This something is always very important but is especially important when it comes to my “bread and butter” plants or in other words my beloved vegetable plants.

While I have given up my daily vitamins in exchange for fresh vegetables, I have not given up on feeding my plants but………….. As described above sometimes I forget. But I no longer have to worry about this chore thanks to a great product I have found through Winchester Gardens. This magical product, while on the surface may seem so simple, is crucial for plant development and without any more accolades I would like to introduce the versatile vegetable fertilizer spike.

This particular vegetable spike is well balanced and can be used for a wide range of plants. This includes tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and husk tomato, just to name a few.

The ease of this type of fertilizer comes from the fact that you place it in the ground or in a container when the garden is planted. Then you do not have to worry about fertilizing for eight weeks, sounds great especially for those who have a lot going on.

To properly utilize this fertilizer, one will need to supply each plant with two spikes. These spikes are placed on opposite sides of each plant and spaced five to seven inches from the stem. Do not let the spikes sit above ground level but instead push them down with your finger until they sink down one inch below the soil level. Once that is done, simply water in your newly planted garden or container space.

After that, every time you water a pre-calculated amount of fertilizer is released. This saves time and allows one to save money on fertilizer. No more wondering if your fertilizer is running out of the bottom of your container garden before it can be used or wondering if your fertilizer is getting to where your plants can use it. The placement of these fertilizer spikes puts them in the prime root zone where plants can get to it and benefit from it.

So until we blog again, if your brain is full of projects to do, free up some space with an easy how-to. Simply use vegetable spikes to ease the worry if your plants are eating right.

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  1. Monica Felt Says:

    Saw your endorsement of Winchester Gardens fertilizer spikes; are they Organic??

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