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A Product Review – Blood Meal by Winchester Gardens

Photo Credit: Photo Courtesy of Winchester Gardens

By Mindy McIntosh-Shetter

Blood meal, to some, may seem like a boring topic but the importance of this product is what makes it interesting.

Blood meal, by nature, comes from organisms that bleed and in doing so that means animals.

Winchester Gardens have come up with a way of providing the organic gardener with an organic source of blood meal.

At this point, one may be asking how and the answer is simple. Their blood meal only comes from organically grown porcinis, which provides a hormone-free and antibiotic-free product.

But what would a gardener need blood meal for in the first place. First, the blood meal from Winchester Gardens is pure nitrogen that is in a slow-release form, which is very important for any busy gardener. Second, nitrogen is one of the building blocks for all living cells. In plants, it is an important component of chlorophyll, is needed for rapid growth and is involved in seed and fruit formation.

In forage and leaf crops, nitrogen helps with the production of vegetation. As important as nitrogen is though, the only source of it is through fertilization or legume production, which collects nitrogen from the atmosphere and returns it to the soil when the plant dies.

When using this product there are a few guidelines to follow. First, always wear a paper mask to keep the dust out of your lungs. Second, make sure to keep the blood meal off the plant and away from the stem or trunk. Third, since this product is in a slow-release form there is no need to apply more then once every six to eight weeks. Fourth, only apply the recommend amount.

If you are planting individual plants only use one tablespoon per two square feet. On the other hand, if you have a larger area, such as 30 square feet, broadcast one cup of blood meal over the area. Fifth, never apply the product without mixing it into the top one to three inches of soil and always water it in before leaving the garden space.

To make life easier, always put blood meal on your planting supply list so that you constantly have it available for when you plant new plants in the garden space.

Utilizing blood meal in the garden is an inexpensive way of ensuring that your plants are the best that they can be without spending an arm and a leg. So this year, give Winchester Garden products a try and see the difference organic blood meal can make in your garden space.

Until we blog again, may the sunrise on your plot of terra firma and the nitrogen to flow for the health and wealth of your garden.

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  1. Monica Says:

    So am I to understand that this product is made from fungi- Porcicni mushrooms? Also; organic gardening does not require abstinence from animal products. Now if the gardener is Vegan that is another story. Of course an organic source of blood from an organic animal would be better for Organic gardening because of all the hormones and antibiotics etc.etc. that go into conventional animal husbandry.
    Thanks for reviewing new products.

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