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Herbs – The Cure for Gardening Withdraws

By Mindy McIntosh-Shetter

I love herbs and when I was first married I learned a valuable lesson about herbs.

My husband and I lived on a very limited budget when we were first married.

I would look through cookbooks and drool over fancy dishes using all fresh herbs.

I did try store bought fresh herbs but the price of these luxury items was just too much. So the next step I took was to only grow herbs in containers in the summer. How wonderful it was to have fresh basil, chives, sage, and mint.

But I left my lovely plants outside, which meant I had no fresh herbs for winter use. The simple solution to this problem was one that evaded me for several years and that was to grow them indoors.

Spring, summer, fall and winter are all a perfect time to grow herbs.

Once you start though, you are only limited by your space. To begin your very own year round herb garden, starts with deciding on what to grow. There are so many choices and delicious flavors so start small. I started my indoor herb garden with basil, chives, and mint. While this selection may seem a little limiting, I had herbs for my pasta sauce, my baked potatoes, and for my tea.

After you have decided on the herbs you would like to try, you need to get the herbs. Live herb plants can now be purchased in some produce sections at grocery stores. Another source of plants is your own garden if you grew those herbs or gardening friends. Many herbs can be divided and brought in or cuttings can be taken and grown indoors. The other choice is to purchase seeds.

Once you have your plant materials together, it is time to begin planting. Herbs do not need a fancy soil but instead do just fine in an all-purpose soil. When it comes to a container for herbs always use pots that have drainage holes. This will prevent the chance of over watering your herbs and causing them to rot.

After the seeds or plants have been planted, it is time to decide where to place them. A bright, sunny window is a great location for your indoor herb garden or use grow lights. If you have limited space but desire several different kinds of herbs a solution is available. One could use a hanging basket and fill it with an assortment of herbs that have the same growth requirements. Another choice could be a flower pouch, strawberry pot and even a wire wreath.

So until we blog again, provide fresh seasonings, for your culinary arts, with a little indoor magic from the herb garden.

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  1. Mike Says:

    I agree that herbs are fun, delicious and super cost effective to grow.

    I would also add that it is a great idea to have some perennial herbs like rosemary in containers so that you can bring them inside when it gets to cold outside and put them back out when it warms up (after hardening off of course).

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