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Upside Down Gardening Featured in New York Times

upside-down-tomatoBy Reggie Solomon

Kudos to Urban Garden Casual’s own Michael Nolan who was featured in this New York Times article sharing his expertise on upside-side down gardening.

We certainly know a thing about upside down gardening.

We received over 100 reader responses to our post on how to grow upside down tomatoes.

If you’re someone who loves tomatoes, check out our sister site Tomato Casual to become a more successful tomato gardener.

3 Responses to “Upside Down Gardening Featured in New York Times”

  1. Michael Nolan Says:

    Thanks, Reg! I was glad to see that the article was quite well written and fair but after talking to Kate I had a feeling that it would be.

    I was also happy that she included the mention and link to Urban Garden Casual.

  2. jan Says:

    we have two bucket tomatoes, we water a lot, they are splitting before they get ripe. any suggestion?

  3. Terri Hamilton Says:

    You are giving them to much plant food, back off the plant food and feed them less often.

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