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Are Survival Seed Packs Worth It?

survival-seedsBy Vanessa Richins

I’ve been seeing websites advertising “Survival Seeds” popping up.

Basically, they offer a collection of different heirloom seeds to have on hand in case of food scarcity, disasters, and more.

They can be pretty pricey – so are they worth it?

In one such pack I found advertised. there were 22 varieties, said to plant 1 acre. At a price of $149 (on special, of course!) , that means each kind of vegetable is basically $6.77. Some will be more, some will be less.

I searched out prices for the same varieties that were listed. Most of these are priced from Victory Seed, which offers a good selection of heirloom seeds and makes it easier to show that this order can still be made from one company (to save on shipping). I’ve left out the specific varieties since the prices are similar between most for each vegetable and you could choose the one you like.

-You can get the same amount of cucumber seeds for $3.80
-Beets are $2.95
-Cabbage seeds are $2.85
-The 2 types of corn are 6.95
-You can get 3x as much spinach for just $3.05
-Carrots are $3.30
-Almost the same amount of lettuces for $3.35
-$10 for the melon
-$5.60 for peas
-$5.75 for chard
-The tomatoes do work out to $24 at other places
-One kind of peppers was 2.75
-$5.50 for the other peppers
-Radishes are $5.90 for more seeds
-$4.50 for squash
-$2.75 for the eggplant
-This pack had 3 types of beans. You can get 2-4x as many beans of each kind for $4.95 or less
-$7.50 for the onion seeds

The total comes to $121.89. It could be less, depending on what you varieties you choose or if there are any sales. It’s a dollar less for shipping. I’ve saved you at least $28, while getting you even more seeds. Ta-da!

Of course, the survival packs do have them vacuum packed. You could do that yourself if you have a sealer. I got one free from Freecycle before. You can also save seeds in jars and use silica packets. Keep the seeds in the fridge (if sealed tightly). With a little shopping, you could still do this for less.

You can also get together with like-minded people to swap seeds. This is a good plan anyways – seeds will be viable for only so long, so you should plan on rotating your seed stock as needed for longevity.

Do you have a seed stash?

3 Responses to “Are Survival Seed Packs Worth It?”

  1. Kitty Says:

    If having seeds on hand in case of an emergency is important, then DIY probably will not do. Actually everyone should have an emergency heirloom stock of veggie seeds on hand, properly sealed in the freezer.

    Most of these companies charge way too much. I use Emergency Essentials where I bought a can of survival seeds for $42.95. B4 Christmas they had the can on sale for $29.99.

  2. Lisa Says:

    it’s an emergency! quick, quick, quick! plant a huge garden!

    doesn’t quite make sense to me.

  3. Andy Says:

    One thing that they fail to address- if the societal collapse or whatever happens in late fall or winter, what are you going to eat until it is time to plant and harvest?

    Nothing against storing seeds mind you, but you should store seeds along with a bit of food. Preferably some of which you have grown yourself, so that if you will have to survive on what you can grow in your garden, you will have some idea of what you are doing.

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