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Book Review: Down and Dirty

downdirty_cover_smBy Vanessa Richins

I am absolutely in love with gardening books.

There’s something about flipping through the pages gawking at gorgeous pictures and learning new facts.

I also adore books that teach me new skills.

Down & Dirty: 43 Fun & Funky First-time Projects & Activities to Get You Gardeningby Ellen Zachos should be in your garden library, especially if you’re a novice gardener. The cover proudly declares that the book contains “43 Fun and Funky First-Time Projects & Activities to Get You Gardening”.

Would you like to see flowers blooming in the middle of winter? You’ll learn how to force spring-blooming bulbs at any time of the year.

I love how she calls hanging baskets “The Costume Jewelry of the Garden World”. She says that it’s a great finishing piece for your home – the extra bit that “makes the outfit”, so to speak.

My best friend is a paleontologist, so I was tickled to see that there was a Dinosaur Garden for Kids. It features ferns, cycads and other plants that have been around since before dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

Hummingbirds are my favorite kind of bird, hands down. I’m glad she included a section on how to invite these tiny wonders to your own garden.

One of my projects in my landscape design class was to create a sensory garden for the blind. This book includes suggestions for making your own garden that will stimulate the senses.

Down and Dirty features many recipes to use your garden bounty. You’ll learn how to turn your mint into mojitos and make one of my favorite dips – tzatziki.

Next time you’re at the bookstore or library, be sure to look for Down and Dirty. I highly recommend it!

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