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From Fast Food to Fresh Food – How One Man’s Life Has Changed

college-studentBy Vanessa Richins

Gardening is becoming a way of life for more people every day.

I recently read the wonderful story of how one college student has changed his life and turned from fast food to fresh food after working as a gardener.

Nick Leonard, a student at Kalamazoo College, got into gardening as part of his senior project.

He wanted to find some method of helping the environment that had personal meaning for him. His girlfriend is a proponent of eating local food and a gardener herself, so he decided to get involved.

This led to serving as an intern for 2.5 months in the Detroit urban gardening program.He helped with several local community gardens and worked at the local farmers’ market.

As reports, “One unexpected but delightful outcome of Nick’s internship was a change in his relationship to food. He was used to eating a lot of fast food; it was cheap and tasted good. But after spending so much time growing vegetables in the city’s gardens-and eating the fruits of his labor-Nick decided not to eat fast food and instead to opt for fresh produce.

“When you grow the food, it tastes a little better,” he said.”

He was also inspired to start cooking. He tried new vegetables. Kale is a new favorite, which he would have never eaten otherwise. After the internship, he taught his roommates about the wonders of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Be sure to read more about this wonderful story at OpEdNews. It’s amazing how a man who used to chow down on fast food because it was easy has now changed his life and is eating so much healthier.

Do you have your own story of how fresh food has changed your life?


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  1. Dan and Deanna Says:

    Thank you for the good post. Eating the fresh foods can change your life that is for sure. They taste so much better.
    Have a good day.

    Dan and Deanna “Marketing Unscrambled”

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