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Too Much Vegetables? Use Veggie Trader!

200253637-001By Vanessa Richins

As I mentioned in my article about growing zucchini, you can sometimes end up with too many vegetables for your own family.

Other times, you could be in the mood for some homegrown beets, which you didn’t plant this year.

Enter Veggie Trader, a new website where you can buy, sell or trade your homegrown bounty with others in your own community.

As their website explains, the idea came from a neighborhood lemon tree that never seemed to be harvested. Concerned with the waste of healthy food, the creators sought to find a solution. Veggie Trader was born as a way to connect people within a community to make sure all could enjoy fresh produce.

First, register for a free account on their site.  I’m AboutTreesShrubs on there.

Next, start searching for listings in your area. For example, I searched for produce within 50 miles of my home here in Utah. I found that someone has Bing Cherries to trade. In return, they would like blueberries or apples. There was another listing for various herbs, and the poster said they would accept anything in trade.

Once you’ve found a posting that you are interested in, you can reply using their online form. It’s a safe way of communicating, since your email information is only revealed if you put it in the contact form.

You can also post up your own listing if you have items to trade. Make sure you read through their rules and legal advisories when you first sign up.  For instance, you can’t offer up meat or dairy on the site – just produce.

Head on over to Veggie Trader today and help their community grow!

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