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Adopt a Neighbor’s Fruit Tree

fruit-treeBy Vanessa Richins

At my last residence, we had two lovely old apple trees.

One year, I collected apples and made crisps.

However, the next year, I was busy with working 2 jobs and more. Many of the apples just fell to the ground and were wasted by the time I stopped and noticed the tree.

We did have people politely ask sometimes if they could have some of the apples, and we were happy to share. I hated to see them go unused.

It is in this spirit that Lisa Kivet of Sustainablog shares her 3 tips for adopting your neighbor’s fruit tree.

As she says, “Step up to the plate — or bushel — and tap into these unwanted fruit on trees in backyards across the nation that could be making the world a better place through more pie — or jam or cobblers or muffins — you get the picture.”

1. Approach

Be sure to ask permission before you do any fruit harvesting. You may need to ask more than one homeowner to find one willing to share. I have seen many requests for produce on the Freecycle I run. You could also put up a flyer on a community board offering to collect unwanted produce. Kivet suggests that senior centers would be an ideal location to put a flyer.

2. Appreciate

Make sure you are ready to use the fruit when you pick it. She suggests sorting your bounty according to its condition to help you process it efficiently.

3. Return

Make some extra portions while you are cooking and return them to the fruit tree owner to give them thanks for sharing their fruit.

Have you ever adopted a neighbor’s fruit tree?

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  1. skye Says:

    Last year I had a peach tree almost ready to harvest before going on vacation. A friend watched after my pets while I was gone. When I got home, strangely EVERY peach was gone off my tree. No one knew what happened! I would’ve gladly shared, but it was kind of annoying that the fruit just “disappeared”.

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