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Indoor Gardening Projects for Kids

soda-bottleBy Vanessa Richins

When I was a tiny child, I remember proudly bringing home a paper cup full of dirt and bean seeds.

I would watch anxiously for the first peep of the stem pushing through the soil.

Years later, I still enjoy watching new plants grow.

Gardening can teach children so many skills. They learn about science, patience, math and more. You don’t have to wait until summer, either. There are many gardening projects that can be started indoors year-round – especially inviting in the bleak winter months.

– Pop Bottle Terrarium

My friend Chris McLaughlin is a Master Gardener and 4H instructor. She has made soda pop bottle terrariums with her 4H kids. You will just need a pop bottle, plants, scissors, pebbles, soil, Spanish moss and activated charcoal.

– Homemade Seed Paper

A good way to recycle paper products is to make your own seed paper. Ellen Brown of ThriftyFun explains the process used to create handmade plantable paper. You can’t use every type of paper (since some may contain harmful chemicals, inks or dyes) so be sure to follow the suggestions she gives.

The paper will be ready to use after about a day of drying. This would be perfect for writing a letter to Grandma.

– Eggshell People With Grass Hair

This is a very inexpensive alternative to products like the Chia pet. You will just need an eggshell, soil, and grass seeds. They also suggest alfalfa and lettuce.

What indoor garden projects do you do with your children?


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