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All American Selection Winners for 2009

Seed Magazine Review - reggieCasualBy Vanessa Richins

Every year the All American Selection committee announces the newest winners in its testing programs.

Their mission? “To promote new garden seed varieties with superior garden performance judged in impartial trials in North America.”

They test new varieties that have not been available for sale yet, then choose the most promising ones as winners.

This year, there were 4 winners announced:

– Viola F1 ‘Rain Blue and Purple’ (Viola cornuta) was named as the 2009 Cool Season Bedding Plant Award Winner. This viola was bred by Tokita Seed Co. Ltd of Japan. It features flowers that change colors over time. The blooms are purple and white at the beginning, and as they mature they change to purple and blue.

– Eggplant F1 ‘Gretel’ (Solanum melongena) was named as a 2009 Vegetable Award Winner. This white “elongated teardrop” eggplant was bred by Seminis Vegetable Seeds of California. In only 55 days you will be harvesting eggplants if you choose ‘Gretel’.

– Melon F1 ‘Lambkin’ (Cucumis melo L.)was named as a 2009 Vegetable Award Winner. This melon was bred by Known-You Seed Co. Ltd of Taiwan. The ‘Lamkin’ is described as having “thin rind surrounding sweet, aromatic, white, juicy flesh” and matures between 65 to 75 days.

– Squash F1 ‘Honey Bear’ was named as a 2009 Vegetable Award Winner, bred by the University of New Hampshire. The AAS describes: “The honey in ‘Honey Bear’ refers to the sweet squash flavor when cooked. In addition to flavor, there are three outstanding qualities; the compact plant, high yield, and tolerance to powdery mildew.” The ‘Honey Bear’ will be ready for harvest in 100 days.

Do you plan to order any of these AAS winners?


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