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Recycled Garden Craft Projects

hoseBy Vanessa Richins

As money gets tighter and the focus on the environment grows, many people are giving their old possessions and found items new life through recycling.

Here are some innovative projects that reuse everyday items.

-Garden Table Made From Pallets

I have always been a little envious of those who had garden luxuries such as greenhouses and potting tables. Homegrown Evolution presents the idea of making a garden table from a pallet.

There are no specific instructions given, but as the picture shows, it is simple enough. A pallet is cut in half and used to create the two-tiered table, held together with a few pieces of lumber. While the table won’t win any style awards, it is very functional and inexpensive. Check out the picture of the pallet coffee table too.

-Pop Bottle Irrigation System

Gayla from You Grow Girl suggests a use for all those empty bottles you may have – a pop bottle irrigation system. With her instructions, you can make sure your plants have a constant supply of water. This is especially useful for when you take a vacation or are especially busy for a few days.

-Garden Hose Lawn Chairs

Has your hose developed a hole? It’s easy enough to repair if it’s near an end, but a hole in the middle would leave you with a hose that might be too short for your needs. A designer named Chase DeForest now makes lawn chairs and other furniture using recycled garden hoses. You could combine this with a lawn chair in need of repair for the double win.

What have you recycled for use in your garden?

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  1. Jenni Says:

    I love that hose chair! Now I’ll have to start looking at the junk heap to see how inspired I get!!

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