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My Favorite Gardening Magazines

By Vanessa Richins

As winter starts creeping closer, the thought of not gardening makes me feel a bit sad.

However, there are many ways to keep the passion for gardens going.

One option is to read garden magazines.

The pages are filled with vibrant pictures and gardening dreams. Here are some of my favorite magazines – hopefully you can find at least one to love also!


When I was growing up, I read Sunset magazine a lot. (I suppose I was a strange kid.) Written for the West, Sunset magazine has a great gardening section, as well as fun topics such as travel and cooking. They also produce one of my most beloved books – the Sunset Western Garden book. It is published every month.


Would you like a picture guide to dividing perennials? Looking for plants that love shade? Interested in reviews of gardening tools? Horticulture is a nationwide magazine that is in the business of “celebrating the simple pleasures of growing plants and creating gardens”. It is published 7 times a year.

Garden Design

This magazine will help you learn about the fundamentals of proper garden design. This is especially important to the urban gardener, where space is usually at a premium.

Organic Gardening

As the world becomes greener, more people are discovering organic garden methods. Organic Gardening strives to teach people how to garden by using natural fertilizers and pest control methods.

There are many more gardening magazines, such as Fine Gardening and Better Homes and Gardens.

What are your favorite gardening magazines to peruse?

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  1. Fern Says:

    I like Organic Gardening and Sunset a lot. I also keep my eye out for Container Gardening special issues from Fine Gardening. You’ve piqued my curiosity about Horticulture, especially since it can be ordered through Amazon.

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