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How Green is Your Valley?

By Cindy Naas

I’ve been traveling a bit this summer, and one of the things I most enjoy doing when visiting a new city is to see just how visible urban gardeners are.

I’ve found some amazing rooftop gardens, have been delighted by finding all sorts of veggies tucked into more formal floral gardens, and have even found a guerrilla garden planted in the middle of a traffic roundabout.

People are taking urban gardening to heart, and that is good news!

I want to know what your cities look like. Which city has the highest number of urban gardeners? Which urban gardens are beautiful and creative additions to the city landscape? Which neighborhoods have developed closer bonds as a result of being outside raising fresh tomatoes together?

This is your chance to shine! Send us photos, of your garden as well as those of other urban gardens in your city. Tell us your stories- about deciding to begin a city garden, or watching neighbours garden, of helping to get others started in their own urban garden.

We at Urban Garden Casual want to hear about success stories from all over- wherever our readers are, we want to know how you’re doing with spreading this gardening revolution!

I’ll be featuring a new urban garden every few weeks here, and I would love to start with your garden. Send photos, stories and get ready to learn from each other.

Urban Garden Casual is growing community as well as veggies!

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