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Best Fruit For The Small Garden

By Cindy Naas

Just because you garden in the city doesn’t mean you can’t grow some delicious fresh fruits.

There are good choices for any gardener, whether your garden is a small plot or a collection of pots on the stairs.

Here are a few great ideas for growing fruit in the urban garden:

Strawberries- There are a couple of choices for strawberries in a smaller garden. Traditionally, strawberries have been a spring or early summer fruit and the vines continue growing for the entire summer. For the very smallest gardens, this takes up a lot of space for very little return. I have a small strawberry patch, but my garden is fairly large for a city garden.

The other choice is to grow ever-bearing berries. These fruit in the early summer, grow a bit more during the middle of the summer and then set a larger crop in late summer or early autumn. Ever-bearing berries can easily be grown in large pots or even window boxes, as long as they are kept adequately watered.

Raspberries- These juicy red berries are the epitome of summer fruit for me. However, they do take up a fair amount of room. If you have an in-ground garden, adding a row or two of raspberry canes will give you enough for many bowls of delicious fruit. However, raspberries don’t do well in containers.

Blueberries- The delicious berries are wonderful eaten fresh from the bush. In a smaller garden, consider using blueberry bushes as foundation plantings instead of other more traditional shrubs, and you can grow a nice supply of blueberries.

Apples- Apple trees can grow to be the major feature in a landscape. However, the new apples grown on dwarf root stock are the ideal fruit tree for a small garden. Growing to only about 9′ tall, these trees can be fit into most home landscapes. Because many cities use crab apples as landscaping trees, a home gardener can grow a single apple tree and still count on finding a pollinator locally.

Pears- There are pears available on dwarf root stock, but pears need a pollinator and so it is not possible to grow most pear varieties as a single tree. Therefore, if you have enough room for two fruit trees pears work well. Otherwise, go with a different type of fruit.

2 Responses to “Best Fruit For The Small Garden”

  1. jeff-nhn Says:

    My favorites are blueberries for the very reason you state. A great landscape plant that provides sweet fruit. The trend is up on backyard small fruit production, I hope it continues. The prices in the grocery stores are more than some people can afford. You can produce your own small vegetables or even apples, pears, peaches for a fraction of the cost to buy.

  2. Shibaguyz Says:

    Thanks for the tip about the blueberries. We’ve wanted to grow them but have been teetering on the edge of the final decision. Now we’re going to plot out the new home for our two blueberry bushes. WOOHOO!!

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