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1GreenProduct Site Offers Greener Lifestyle (and Sweepstakes)

By Reggie Solomon

At Urban Garden Casual, the desire to live green extends beyond our backyard, windowsill and container gardens.

Greener and more sustainable living is something we strive for everyday.

However, deciding to move towards greener and more sustainable living so we minimize our carbon footprint and environmental impact isn’t something big we decide all at once – it’s the sum of many small decisions we make every day.

This is why we are pleased highlight 1Green Product which offers news and reviews on some of  the best green products you can buy – today.   Whether it’s choosing a dishwashing detergent or choosing a hotel to lay your head,  integrating eco-friendly products and service options into our everyday decision-making gives us the opportunity to move towards creating a cleaner environment today to bequeath to future generations.

Of special interest to our casual urban gardening crew, 1Green Product is running a sweepstakes that’s free to enter and ends on August 28 where winners have a chance to win a stylish totebag from Act2GreenSmart made from recycled water and soda bottles that might otherwise end up in a landfill.  We encourage you register to win this truly green totebag and other regularly featured sweepstakes.  You’ll find a permanent link to 1Green Product in Urban Garden Casual’s toolbar.

As someone who was initially miffed when stores like IKEA stopped giving away plastic bags and started charging for them in order to encourage customers to re-use and bring their own bags, I’d be proud to transport my gardening supplies home from the store in something urbanite-style friendly like this.

I have to congratulate my good friend and editor of 1Green Product, Aaron Dalton, on helping me and others find options for moving towards greener living, one green product at time – casually.

4 Responses to “1GreenProduct Site Offers Greener Lifestyle (and Sweepstakes)”

  1. ncylan Says:

    So glad your trying to change peoples habits for the good.
    I’ve been recycling for years. Thanks

  2. Says:

    Many thanks Nyclan.

    Gardening is just one expression growing a greener lifestyle. So happy you enjoyed the post and are doing your part.


  3. Krys Says:

    I find that the reusable bags are more convenient. They hold more, are easier to carry, have a relatively low probability of splitting at the most inconvenient time, and, at least around the Montreal area, get me a 5 cent rebate per bag at a lot of the large grocery chains.

    Thanks for helping to spread the news!


  4. Says:

    I’m slowly moving to reusable bags. It’s a hard habit to break, but I’m moving 😉

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