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Grow Your Own Pineapples

By Vanessa Richins

You don’t have to live in Hawaii to grow your own pineapples.

It makes a lovely houseplant, and if you are patient, you may just be able to get it to produce fruit.

They will be a bit sour if grown outside its ideal conditions (again, think Hawaii) but it can be mixed into recipes along with some sugar.  Even if you don’t eat the pineapples produced, they are sure to attract attention.

Starting your pineapple plant is as easy as cutting off the top of a pineapple fruit.  Be sure to cut it so it has a small amount of flesh on it.  Apply some rooting hormone to the cut.  Let the top dry for several days or it will rot.

Next, plant it in a pot that is about 8″ wide.  Use a light potting soil so your pineapple plant will be well drained.  It only needs to be planted to a depth of 2″.

As it is rooting, water it by spraying the leaves, not the soil. Another method you can use to create the humidity needed for rooting is to place the pot in a bag.  Make sure it is not in direct sunlight so it doesn’t roast in the bag.  It should develop roots after approximately a month.

Once the pineapple plant is over 1 year old, you can work on forcing it to bloom and produce a pineapple.  Place it in a plastic bag with some pieces of fruit.  Apple slices work well.   These will produce ethylene, which will induce the pineapple plant to start flowering.  Make sure the bag is loose to allow circulation.  Take it out after one week.

Enjoy your new pineapple houseplants!  Have you ever grown one?  Did you get fruit?

5 Responses to “Grow Your Own Pineapples”

  1. Eric Bronson Says:

    Great post! I grow mine in the ground here and they get huge and super sweet. It’s great to see people grow them as houseplants. They make great friendship gifts too.

  2. Linda Says:

    What a great idea, I’ll have to try that! Linda

  3. Josh Says:

    Great post. Stumbled =)
    Any special rooting hormone you suggest? Or is it all basically the same?

  4. Vanessa Richins Says:

    Thanks for all the comments and the Stumble 🙂

    As for rooting hormone…I just have always used Rootone – available at places like Target, Home Depot, etc. Any root hormone on the market should work fine, I think. 🙂

  5. Dilip patel Says:

    You can stand the pineapple head in water in a warm place .make sure you remove the flesh and remove a few leaves to leave about half an inch of stub.
    Roots emerge in a few weeks.then plant in soil.

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